You and your stoma

Whether your stoma surgery is planned or is the result of an emergency, this is a confusing and emotional time. You’re bound to have lots of questions before, during or after your stoma operation and we’re here to provide the answers. We’ve pulled together some useful tips and advice that will help you at every stage of your journey.


Your stoma and surgery

Discover everything you need to know before your operation from the different types of stoma formation to preparing for surgery.


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After your surgery

Get helpful advice about adjusting to life after your stoma surgery, from the moment you wake up to changing your bag.

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Living with a stoma

Find out all about life with a stoma, including travel, nutrition and clothing advice, as well as help dealing with relationships and emotions.

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Preparing for your operation

We have created a series of ‘how to’ video guides for people living with a stoma, both pre-op and post-op.

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Meet Ian

Ian’s girlfriend Corrina has helped him through major ground-breaking surgery. Together, they both spoke to us about Ian’s countless operations and how their friendship makes them the ‘dream team’.


Ian at work